Yahoo mail Review – Good and bad sides of yahoo email

Yahoo mail review will give you the necessary information concerning yahoo email. You shall see both the advantages and disadvantages of yahoo mail.

Yahoo email users have things they like or dislike about yahoo email. The essence of this review is to see the comparisons between yahoo email and other email service providers. We measure which is the best email provider through reviews.

Let’s get started.

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Yahoo mail review

Yahoo pros: The good side of Yahoo mail

Ease of use

Yahoo email is very easy to use. You don’t need to study it for a millennium before you get used to it. Even from the registration page, you begin to like it.

However, it does not have many tools as some email may have but its simple look makes it easy for even a kid to use. It is just good for people who do not like much automation in their emails.

Good looking homepage, mailbox and nice folders are the things that trigger users to like the platform.

Yahoo email storage capacity – Review

Yahoo mail has a free 1TB storage capacity for users. Each new account is entitled to automatic 1TB. That is quite stunning.

Unlike what we have in Gmail review, Yandex.mail review and Tutanota email review which have 15GB, 10GB and 1GB respectively, yahoo storage is outstandingly bigger. It can contain as many files as possible. This space includes the space for every form of attachment to emails.

Anyone who has bundles of files to save can go for yahoo mail.

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Free access to Yahoo news and updates

Once you own yahoo email account, you have free access to world class news right there on your homepage. They gain information to the latest gist and gossips in the top countries of the world.

Anyway, anyone can access it but users don’t really need to search through web browser before they see it. All they need is to navigate to their homepage.

Customization of inbox to a user’s taste

Every user can set his inbox to his taste. It is not a “use or leave” affair. They know that you may like to change the look of your mailbox from time to time.

In other words, you have broad options to things you get on the platform. You don’t only have access to your inbox customization but to the whole account.

Access to yahoo services – Email review

Yahoo has other services which they offer users. You may not have access to some if you are not a member of the platform. Therefore, you need to create account on yahoo to access those services.

You may need to go premium in some of those products before you use them.

Fast and secure medium of communication

Yahoo mail is very secure for sending and receiving emails. You can manipulate your account passwords to your taste.

Encryption of email is their hubby. Two-factor verification is also allowed in the platform unlike other email providers like yandex.

Yahoo mobile App – mail review

Yahoo mail review

This is another good feature of yahoo. You can access your personal and business email accounts using the mobile application.

Secondly, it does not occupy space like some apps would do. The size is compressed in such a way that it occupies just a little space.

These and more are the advantages of yahoo mail.

Composing and sending email on yahoo – review

You have an efficient set of formatting tools which enables you set your texts to your taste. It allows a user to undo, redo, choose font theme and sizes, and add attachments and so on.

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Yahoo Cons: The bad side of yahoo mail

We’ll now review the bad side of the email provider.

Issues with the mobile application

The mobile app malfunctions sometimes and takes a bit long to function well again. Though it works well whenever it is in a good condition, but it has that deficiency.

It needs improvement in terms of the functionality for better user experience.

Yahoo lacks modernity

The spam detection does not work well sometime and the UI is not really something to write home about.

Sometimes it has little or no internet connection. In other words, it does not function well in low network areas. It scares users away. The world needs secure and fast internet connection and not such sluggish one.

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What are the opinions and ratings of yahoo users?

Yahoo mail review

The general opinions and review is that yahoo mail is good but not really the best. Users say, it is good for secure communication and storing of files.

But they complain mainly of the poor network capacity of yahoo email. The network connection is worth working on.

The mobile application should be given much attention because that is what most people use. They download and the app for better experience.

Users expect nothing short of the best.

Finally, Yahoo email and ratings is 3.7 out of 5 stars according to users in

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