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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This EmailAccountGuide was launched under laws guiding natural justice, equity and good conscience. That is to say, both the owners and users of this website have some guidelines to listen to as they offer and use the services of this website respectively.

The terms and conditions of this website should strictly determine the usage of our services as any violation may not be tolerated.

Some terms and conditions are enshrined in this page (Written Terms) as some may not really need to be put down before a user knows his or her dues (Implied terms).

A user’s comment should be under any topic in this website and must be relevant to it. If possible, it should be in line with the topic in the page he/she wants to comment.

Any comment geared towards hurting any other user or the owners of the website may not be published to the public as it will be deleted permanently after the commenter posts it.

All rights to this website are strictly reserved. Do not copy the contents on this website just to publish it in any other website or put down in writing in form of a book. Avoid plagiarism. However, you can quote or recommend the contents in another website or writing.

Any request for correction or update on any post should be directed to the Correction and Updates Team. Visit our Contact Us page to see where to direct your request to.

Any report of abuse of any kind, should be taken to the Customer Service Team and the matter handled as due.

Ensure to respect the rights and views of other users as you use the services of this website.

Guest blogging is not allowed in this website. Do not ask for a chance to write a guest post as it will not be granted.

While posting a URL in the comment section, ensure it is a relevant one and has something additional to offer in regards to the topic in question.

Do not post comments with the aim of earning backlink(s) because it may not be approved. If possible, do not add your website URL or any URL at all while posting a comment save as otherwise stated in the above condition.

In all, a user should act in line with the support of good conscience and public policy.

Visit About Us page to see more information about this website.

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