Tutanota Review

Tutanota review | Pros and Cons of Tutanota Email

Tutanota review is worth looking in to. We’ll look at the pros and cons of the email service provider.

Tutanota is a secure email service provider which offers worldwide service to users. Its main objective is “Email security”. It has been competing as one of the bests.

Anyway, we are going to look at both the good and bad sides of the email provider. From there, we’ll judge whether or not it’s among the bests.

Pros of Tutanota: Advantages of Tutanota email

  • Tutanota Privacy
  • Secure email
  • Cheap Pricing
  • Good storage capacity in paid plans
  • Ad free even in free account
  • Friendly mobile application

Tutanota privacy

Tutanota email has a good privacy structure. Nobody tampers with your personal data. All users’ data are safe in the database and cannot be leaked to a third party.

More so, the company itself, Tutanota, cannot use any information you give to them against you. In fact, by default, it does not save users’ IP log. While you create a Tutanota account, you do not need your personal details like your name, phone number or any other detail.

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Is Tutanota email secure?

Tutanota email review


Yes. Tutanota email is secure for everyone. The security is another factor closely related to privacy. It is almost hard to find an email provider that works so hard on their security but here is one.

What are the security measures? They make use of two factor authentication which enables users to make their account passwords stronger against any attack.

In addition, Tutanota offers end-to-end encryption of every email users send. If you already have an email account with them, simply move to your Tutanota inbox and see that all your mails are encrypted.

The essence of the encryption is to ensure that hackers and bad guys on the internet don’t intercept your important files.

How will you know that your Tutanota email is encrypted? You will see a tiny image of padlocks in each of your emails. That is how to know an encrypted email.

mail encryption

It seems like their security cannot be hacked. But there is no doubt that hackers are making efforts to break through their security database. Tutanota has been fighting and winning against such.

Tutanota Pricing – Review

Tutanota has premium and free plans for users and they enjoy almost the same feature. But the premium plan will always supersede the free plan. Create Tutanota free email account

However, the free plan is for private use only and not for business.

Tutanota private email account plans ranges from Free > Premium > Teams.

In premium you pay 1.20monthly/12 yearly. All include the taxes. For Teams, you pay 4.80monthly/48yearly. All include your taxes.

Tutanota review

Tutanota Pricing and plans for business

Their plans ranges from Premium > Teams > Pro

In premium, you pay 1.20monthly/12yearly. If you are want to use Teams, will pay 4.80monthly/48yearly. To subscribe for “Pro” it costs 7.20monthly/72yearly. All these payments include your taxes. This means that, once you subscribe, no other payment till the time you may like to renew it.

tutanota review

Note: All these plans are as at 2020. The subscription plans might have changed by now.

Furthermore, in each of these plans, you have additional features to enjoy depending on the plan you choose.

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What is storage capacity for Tuatanota email?

The storage capacity depends on your plan.

If you are using a free account, you have 1GB free to save all your personal data or information. Premium plan also has 1G for users. Teams plan has 10GB for every user using the plan while Pro also has 10GB storage capacity.

Unlike ProtonMail which has 500 MB free space for new users, Tutanota has a free 1 GB.

Email is ad-free – Tutanota review

Unlike some email providers where you keep seeing advertisements on your screen because you are using a free account, Tuatanota is free from such.

If you choose a free account, they still respect your presence by not bugging you with ads. No pop-up on your screen as long as you are on Tutanota.

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Tutanota Mobile application

This is where the joy of it flows. Mobile application enables you have access to the account on your mobile device.

It is available for both android and apple devices. You can download from Google Play Store or App Store respectively. It offers user friendly interface.

On the desktop, you can still access your account. In fact they have the same feature on both the mobile app and desktop. But the only advantage that the mobile app has over desktop is the portability. You must not stress yourself to boot your computer before you access your account.

These and more are worth looking at in this review but let’s go over to the bad side of it.

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Tutanota Cons: The disadvantages of Tutanota email?

From the evaluations so far, there are some faults Tutanota has and needs to work on.

  • Low storage in free plan
  • Difficulty in account recovery.
  • One user in a free plan.
  • Deletion of email Tutanota accounts.
  • Spam emails deleted after 30 days.

The storage capacity is low

Looking at Gmail and Yandex.mail which gives 15GB and 10GB free storage respectively, Tutanota’s is relatively low.

It means that users don’t have enough space to save their files. In other words, any file beyond 1GB cannot be saved in the storage.

You hardly recover your password – Tutanota Review

While you create your account, there is a code you will receive to enable you recover your account and also activate two-factor verification anytime you want. In tutanota, once you lose the code, you hardly or never recover your account.

User of the secure platform comment so much on that. And it requires the attention of Tutanota email providers.

You cannot add another user in free plan

What does this mean? It means that once you are using a free Tutanota plan, you cannot add another user to your account.

Unlike Gmail, Yahoo and other email providers, there’s space for other accounts even in free plans.

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Deletion of unused email accounts

After six months of inactiveness, you will automatically lose your account. Your account will be deleted from the Tutanota database.

It is not only that. Whether or not it is a paid account, they will all be deleted. They delete an inactive paid account after six months. The money may not really be hard on you.

What happens to the files you saved in Tutanota storage after account deletion? You automatically lose those files or data or any information you have in there.

Spam emails delete automatically after 30 days

They may mistakenly move some of your important emails to spam folder and you won’t know. After 30 days you lose those files automatically. If the ones in your spam delete after 30 days, what then should the once in trash be?

Spam messages should be allowed so you view them, choose the ones that are possibly for you and delete others yourself.

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From the Tutanota review so far, it is almost like their motto is “Security”. Everything is secure and private. The average rating is 4.6 according to G2. It is almost close to it. Anyways, they cannot be perfect but they still have to work on some factors for the best user experience.

Email user ratings

User satisfaction

Their security status could be as a result of the country where Tutanota and its servers are located. They’re in Germany, a country known for its strong data privacy laws.

After all the Tutanota email reviews there is still one question to answer.

Is Tutanota the best email provider? Yes. But not all round best. It is arguably the best email provider.

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