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Gmail Review | Best Google account ratings and reviews

The Google Product, Gmail, still retains its tag as the best webmail service provider. Gmail review is worth looking in to so that we’ll see both the bad and good sides of the Gmail.

In this review, you will see Google ratings and reviews on this particular product of theirs.

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Gmail reviews


Gmail Pros: What are the advantages of Gmail?

  • Strong security.
  • Friendly product integration.
  • Free and secure cloud storage.
  • Multiple accounts and POP3 combination in Gmail mobile app and computer.
  • Good formatting tools for composing and sending email.
  • Availability of bulk email.
  • Google account email delivery speed is high.
  • Safe and fast back up of files before deleting.

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Gmail has strong security status

Security in any account you own is the paramount factor. The Google product is not left behind in terms of sufficient protection. In fact, it removes 99.9% of the malware and viruses in your files.

The community automatically updates the security status to ensure that users don’t suffer any attack from hackers, malware or viruses. Gmail has multiple security layers for accounts where authorization is granted through 2FA codes.

In other words, any unusual attempt to access your account will be blocked by Google automatically. And you will get notifications on the latest activities on your Gmail email account. In other words, you will receive Google critical security alert immediately on your email account.

You will not only get notifications, you have a free hand to check the activities on your account and to take the necessary actions.

Two-factor authentication is also another strong security measure that Google uses to protect your Gmail account. It allows you set up more and stronger security against hackers and bad guys.

More so, a user can combine multiple special signs, figures and letters as the password as far as it is up to eight (8) characters. You have a wide choice of building your password. No restriction, in summary.

The security status of Google is fortified, so to say. It also has an in-built password manager which helps you manage all the passwords related to your Gmail account. Any app or account where you have an account using the gmail account, you all have those apps and accounts usernames and passwords saved in the password manager.

The security of Gmail cannot be over emphasized in its review.

Gmail Review: Friendly product integrations

Once you have a gmail account, you have access to several google products.

If you are using a desktop to sign in to your gmail account, you can access google apps such as Google play store, Map, Google drive, News, YouTube and lots more. They are all integrated to the account.

On your phone, you can use the gmail account to sign in to those platforms separately. You have guarantee to easily access those products.

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Free and secure Cloud storage

This is another important factor of every Google account. Every new account is entitled to 15GB free storage. It is designed to hold all your files or documents including the mail you receive and send. Uploading of secure videos, photos and documents is assured in the drive

The storage capacity also extends to your Cloud storage, Google Drive. It uses the same 15GB free. A user can safely store any data in google database. Also, see more on how secure Google drive is.

However, you can upgrade the space once the storage capacity is exhausted.

It is another product of Google which a user can only access if he or she has a Gmail account. Once you have the account, getting the free drive is never an issue. If you are using a desktop, you already have it there as part of the services.

Multiple accounts and POP3 combination in Gmail mobile app and computer

Google mail mobile application makes it all easy. The mobile app has integration which allows you access other email accounts in other email service platforms. In other words, the single app can accommodate you yahoo email account, Aol, Microsoft office 365, Outlook and so on.

In addition, it allows you set up a POP3 account on your phone through the application.

The awesome feature is not only for those using the mobile application. It also extends to those using desktop. Simply move to your settings page and begin to set up your account.

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Good formatting tools for composing and sending email – Gmail Review

While composing your email, you have access to broad options. You can edit, undo and redo your email. Several font themes which allow you to choose your fonts designs and sizes are available.

Attachments and photos are available if you wish to insert any. Any form of file is allowed in your mail. You have the option of choosing from various locations such as Google drive, folders in your device, selecting from already uploaded files and inserting file links. This means that link sharing is also available in Gmail.

Google ratings and reviews

Gmail Formatting tools

When a sender doesn’t want a recipient to forward an email to a third party, he can activate the Gmail confidential mode. This occurs when you want the email to be confidential between you and your recipient.

Some persons you send mails to may want to leak your information to a third party which you may not like. This feature cripples for “forward or copy” buttons once it gets to him. He won’t be able to resend it to any other person.

Availability of bulk email – Gmail ratings and reviews

A user can send emails to his entire contacts list in a day. There’s no limitation to the number of persons you reach each day.

You may want to reach your friends to inform them of the upcoming event or party in your house, your gmail account is there to help you do a clean work.

Gmail allows you create groups to help you organize your contacts. The most interesting part of it is that you can send bulk emails to these groups.

Google account email delivery speed is high – Gmail review

How long does it really take for Gmail to send email? It takes as little time as 5 to 30 seconds depending on the “send cancellation period” settings on your account. Once you tap the “send” button; your email gets in to the recipient’s inbox within few seconds.

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Safe and fast back up of files before deleting

If a user wants to delete his account, Google will give you option to back up your file before you delete. Once you delete it, you can still recover your account after sometime. This simply means that Google doesn’t just delete your account without giving you the best option.

In other words, you have the opportunity to retain your files before you delete your Google account permanently.

Now, we have seen the google account reviews only on one side.

Gmail Cons: What are the disadvantages of Gmail?

In this Gmail Review, we won’t forget to look at the other side of Gmail. Truly, there are no much disadvantages of Gmail. It means that it is almost impossible to find any fault in Google account. From the comments of users in forums like G2, Gmail still has some disadvantages.

Cannot log out individual accounts

Before you log out an account from your desktop, you have to log out all other accounts. It makes a user go through the process of entering the password of an account which he formerly does not want to log out.

Login out from the mobile application means removing the account absolutely from the device. That means, there  is no sign out button in the Gmail app.

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Moving some important emails to another label

While you login to your account, you find your important email in spam. Maybe you expect an account confirmation email; you may not find it in the inbox. That would make you search for your spam.

In another development, those emails may be automatically moved to either social or promotion label.

Gmail has one fixed theme

Google account only has one fixed theme for every account. There is no joy like having broad options and left to make your choice.

Though, the issue of a fixed background is not really an issue as it has nothing to do with the account security. But, it is just a point of improvement.

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Possibility of losing users data

It is true that Google has strong security that protects users’ accounts from being hacked. But, it is not impossible for their security base to be tampered with. Since Google is a big and trustworthy company, hackers’ targets are highly on them.

Opinion – Gmail ratings and review

Gmail disadvantages are quite less than the advantages. No doubts it still retains the tag, “Best Email Provider” but it should work to give users a better experience. In fact, the best user experience.

According to Gmail users reviews ratings in G2 it has about 4.7 stars. It’s just 0.3 behind the complete star. In another rating, it has 4.0 star rating. This tells you that Gmail is still one of the best email providers.

Google reviews and ratings


Is Gmail really the best email? Yes. But the “best” is with declining feature. That means there are issues to work on. On that note, you can see Gmail alternatives if you feel Gmail does not fulfill all you need in an email. Despite the presence of Gmail faults, it still retains the name as one of the best email providers.

Do you need to use Gmail? Yes. You need to. Considering the factors we outlined above, there is no much reason to switch to another email service as Gmail offers you the basic or almost all the services you need in an email.

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