ProtonMail pricing: How much does Proton Mail cost?

Protonmail is one of the most secure emails in the world. It is good for companies groups or even individuals. But the question is how much does ProtonMail cost?

The answer is, it depends on your plan.

Is the protonmail amount too high? It depends on individual evaluations of the price levels.

All fingers are not equal right? That is how it is in terms of Protonmail prices.

A $39 may not be too much for some persons to spend in the ProtonMail monthly plan. But some other persons may find it difficult to spend $10 monthly just because it’s much for them. Therefore, it depends on individual evaluations.

On that note, I won’t say it is either high or low. All I have to do is to present the prices to you so you judge the prices yourself.

But, wait; to me I feel it is costly. Don’t worry; you will see my reasons as we proceed.

Firstly, let us look at the type of account you can create with ProtonMail.

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Types of account in ProtonMail

We have Free, Plus, Proffessional and Visionary. These are the types of account you can create with ProtonMail.

Each of them has its purposes and features. They differ also in price. This is how it works, “the better the features, the higher the price”.

We’ll look at it one after the other.

Free ProtonMail plan

Just like the name implies, you make no payment before you set up this account. It is a plan meant for those who may not like to go premium. It is free. So, if you have been asking the question, “Is ProtonMail free”? Yes, ProtonMail is free. Though still has paid plans.

In other words, users refer to it as basic plan because it has just few but the basic features of an email. Extra features are not in it like it is in other plans. On that note, it is only good for anyone who just wants to be receiving and sending personal emails. It is not for organization or group.

However, am not saying an organization cannot own a free account, but am talking about the limited features which the organization does not have access to.

Features of Protonmail Free plan

protonmail free pricing

protonmail free pricing

  • A user cannot add another email account to the prontonmail account. Unlike Gmail, Yahoo and others, you cannot access more than one protonmail account. Before you have access to such, you must upgrade to a paid plan.
  • A user has limited messages to send per day. He has only 150 messages to send in a day.

This is exactly the reason I said it is not for an organization or even a company. Imagine you have thousands of customers who have subscribed for your newsletters, how do you intend reaching all of them? You cannot reach them by just sending a one hundred and fifty message. So, a free plan is not for an organization or company.

ProtonMail free plan has only three folders/labels. This simply means you have limited categories of emails. A user cannot arrange his or her messages as he pleases in different folders.

  • It has limited support.
  • No auto responder.
  • It has only 500 MB free space.
  • It has limited customer support.
  • The plan does not support custom domain.

How much does ProtonMail free plan cost?

It does not dose anything. Therefore, it is free.

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ProtonMail plus plan

This is a ProtonMail plan which also has basic features but with extra features. It has better performance than the free plan. An individual can still upgrade to this level.

Features of ProtonMail Plus plan

protonmail plus pricing

protonmail plus pricing

  • It only allows one custom domain
  • It has 5 GB space for storage.
  • A user can only send a thousand messages in a day. Well, this seems a bit fair compared to what we have in a free account.
  • It allows a user to have as many as 200 folders/labels
  • It has customer support.
  • You can activate auto responder in the account.
  • Just like it is in free plan, it does not support multiple user. That is, you cannot add more than one account.

How much does ProtonMail plus plan cost?

ProtonMail plus plan costs $5/month or $48/year.

You can also increase the storage capacity or number of email addresses in the account at a low price.

 ProtonMail Professional Plan

This email plan is mainly for organizations, to enable them secure their communications all over the world. It has more features which an organization needs to enhance their communication security.

It is important to state that an individual can still use this type of account if he wishes.

What are the features of the professional account?

protonmail professional account pricing

protonmail professional account pricing

  • It supports unlimited users.
  • It also supports unlimited messages. In other words, it does not set any limit to the number of messages you send or receive each day.
  • This is the type that is best for an organization or company because they can reach as many clients or customers as they want.
  • It has unlimited folders/labels. This simply means you can create as many labels as you like and also arrange your emails in each of them as you like.
  • It supports auto responder even outside the office.
  • Do you know the most interesting part of it? It has 5 GB space for each user.
  • It can support 2 custom domains with the option to add more.
  • A user can also decide to increase the number of addresses.
  • There is customer support.
  • Catch all email is active. In other words, it filters spam or harmful messages automatically.

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How much does ProtonMail professional account cost?

It costs $8/user/month or $75/user/year ($6.25/month)

ProtonMail Visionary account

This is the highest and costliest ProtonMail plan among the plans we have.

It is mainly for those who have donated significant amount of money to ensure that ProtonMail is a reality.

Indirectly, you are not upgrading to this account just for the purpose of the account. You upgrade once you donate.

Donation is one of the sources of income of ProtonMail. It is still an open source to anyone who wishes to donate and upgrade to this account.

However, it has minimum amount. You don’t just donate any amount to get it. You donate significant amount before you upgrade.

From the definition of this type of account, it is not for organizations. It is for individuals.

However, organizations can still use it in one way or the other.

What are the features of ProtonMail Visionary plan?

proton mail visionary account

protonmail visionary account pricing

  • It has 5 sub user limit.
  • A user has unlimited number of messages to send each day.
  • You can create as many labels as you like. It has no limit.
  • The storage capacity is up to 20 GB.
  • It can hold up to 10 custom domain
  • It supports 50 additional addresses.
  • Customer support is held in high priority.

Check the next subheading to see the amount you have to pay before you upgrade to this plan.

How much does Protonmail visionary account cost?

The pricing is $30/month or $288/year.

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ProtonMail pricing: Conclusion

If you are using a free plan and you want to move to this level, you don’t need to create another ProtonMail account. All you need to do is to upgrade the account.

Also see the article on Protonmail review to see more about the ProtonMail.

On the other hand, you can downgrade from any other the paid accounts to a free Protonmail account.

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