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Review: Is ProtonMail Mobile Application Worth it in 2021?

Is ProtonMail mobile application worth it? Is it really secure? Does it have user friendly interface? Is it efficient enough for personal use and for the use of an organization? We’re going to review all these and about ProtonMail mobile app so we’ll know whether it’s really worth it.

Brief introduction to ProtonMail mobile App

ProtonMail is an email service providing team with the vision of making the internet more secure platform. It is located in Switzerland guarded under the strict privacy law of the state.

ProtonMail, like Gmail, Yahoo mail and others, also has it’s own mobile application. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. An iOS user can also visit ProtonMail on most iOS devices, through an updated browser.

ProtonMail app for Android

ProtonMail application for Android phone

Currently, ProtonMail does not allow integration with third party email clients (IMAP/SMTP) on iOS as a result of the technology ProtonMail utilizes within web browsers to encrypt and decrypt your messages.

Pros of ProtonMail app

  • You can add more than one account.
  • A user can encrypt his emails for a non-ProtonMail user.
  • You can create a ProtonMail group for easier communication.
  • Friendly ProtonMail settings.

Cons of ProtonMail mobile application

  • Only one free account is allowed.
  • You can only upgrade to ProtonMail Plus account.
  • You must upgrade to use encrypted contact information.

We shall take the above festures of Proton Mail app one after the other.

Add more than one ProtonMail account

The mobile application of the Swiss tech company has multi-account support for ProtonMail users. Version 1.12 of the ProtonMail mobile application allows you add multiple ProtonMail accounts to your application such that you can switch between your inboxes.

Adding one account won’t log out any other accounts on your device unless you remove it manually.

However, presently, ProtonMail does not have POP3 support but Bridge will allow you to download all of your mail into your client and export it from there. Furthermore, by using the ProtonMail bridge application you to fully integrate your ProtonMail account with most clients that support IMAP and SMTP protocols, with official support for Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.

ProtonMail email encryption

Originally, ProtonMail emails have end-to-end encryption. When a ProtonMail user receives and email, he will find out that those emails are encrypted already.

You can also send same to a non-ProtonMail user by manually setting up a password on your email.

After typing your message, select the lock icon, enter the password you would like your recipient to use in opening the email. After that, give him the password hint, a clue of what the password looks like to enable him access it.

This is to ensure that no third party gets access to the email you are sending.

Unlike most email providers, there is no such feature. Instead they use the default encryption level (mostly TSL encryption)

ProtonMail Contacts and group

No free ProtonMail group.

ProtonMail allows you add your contacts manually. Not only that, you can add different kinds of contacts; you can add your contacts using different tags. For instance, you can add work contacts, personal contacts, email, or other contacts.

If you want to send a bulk email to your contacts, the need for group arises. ProtonMail has a solution to that.

ProtonMail group is a platform in your ProtonMail account which contains a number of people for the purpose of sharing information or for any other common ideology.

The Swiss tech application allows you create a group on your account where you can add members and share information to a larger number of persons at once.

Proton Mail mobile app settings

This is where you make your changes. Well, ProtonMail mobile application does not really have much features on the settings page but the basic ones are there.

These are the buttons you can find on the ProtonMail application settings page:

  • Account settings

Under this button you can:

    • View your current subscription
    • Manage your password.
    • Set up a recovery email address
    • See you mailbox size
    • View your email address
    • Set up or change your display name and signature.
    • Schedule notification snooze
    • View your privacy and make some changes.
    • See your labels and folders.
    • Swipe gestures.
    • Set up a local storage limit on your ProtonMail account.
  • ProtonMail application settings

Under this button you can:

    • Make push notification settings
    • Set up app lock
    • Allow or disallow alternative routing
    • Set up app language
    • Enable or disable combined contacts.
    • Local cache management (clear cache)
  • App version

You have a wide range of choices to make on the settings page. Some of the settings button still have sub-setting links under them. That is why I said you have a wide range of choices as a ProtonMail mobile application user.

Cons: You can only add one free ProtonMail account

Add only one free account and multiple ProtonMail paid account

You can only add one free ProtonMail account and multiple paid account.

Truthfully, you can add as many ProtonMail accounts as you want but you can only add one free account. In other words, you need to upgrade before you can use such feature.

Let me make it clearer here. You cannot use two free accounts together. You need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to unlock the feature.

Gmail app allows you add free accounts on mobile app. In fact, you can even add other email services but Proton Mail does not allow such.

This is one of the shortcomings which we expect that ProtonMail works on as soon as possible

You can only upgrade to ProtonMail Plus plan

You can only upgrade to ProtonMail Plus plan on the ProtonMail mobile app

You can only upgrade to ProtonMail Plus plan while using the mobile application.

ProtonMail has different paid plans. Each of the plans has its own pricing and features and you can upgrade anytime you feel like. You can also downgrade any time you feel like.

Unfortunately, you can only upgrade to the lowest paid plan (Plus plan) using the mobile application.

What I you do if I want to upgrade to a higher plan on ProtonMail other than the Plus plan? The only means to subscribe to such is to upgrade through ProtonMail Webmail interface.

Before you upgrade, you need to check out the ProtonMail plans, features and and pricing so you will know what exactly to upgrade to as they have different purposes.

You must upgrade to use encrypted contact information

They are some festures you cannot access especially when you add your contacts. Sometimes, those features seem not to matter. But I tell you, you need them especially when your are using for a professional purpose.

All these information include phone number, address, organization and end notes.

upgrade to ProtonMail paid account

You can only access the covered features if you upgrade to a ProtonMail paid plan

Like I said above, you need these festures for your professional purposes. Additionally, you will not only have access to those features only but to lots more. However, the more features you unlock depends on the account you upgrade to.

Conclusion: Is ProtonMail mobile application good?

Judging from what we have above, it is a good mobile app for anyone who really wants the best of Proton Mail.

However, they’re loopholes which it needs to take care of. Most features are not in the free plan. Not only that, you cannot upgrade to other ProtonMail plans directly from the app.

The Gmail app allows you add multiple free accounts but ProtonMail allows you add only one free account and multiple paid account.

These and more features are needed to improve the mobile application and we hope to see those changes anytime soon.

Do well to drop your review of ProtonMail mobile application below.

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