Is Yandex disk safe | How secure is it to use Yandex disk

Is Yandex cloud storage secure and how secure is it to use Yandex.disk? This question is exactly the reason you are here.

It is safer to make use of cloud storage than to save your files in your computers, androids or even iOS device.

yandex.disk security

Yandex.mail users have access to free 10GB space in their accounts. Every new Yandex account enjoys it. You can save any kind of document there by just uploading it to the cloud.

However, the problem is not having the free disk. The problem is the question of how secure it is to use such disk.

In my Yandex mail review, I made mention of the security level of Yandex account.

Anyway, the security level is not to be talked about in this paragraph.

What is Yandex.Disk

It is a cloud storage where users store their data and files for future references. Just like other cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive and so on; Yandex.disk also saves documents for user.

Yandex disk is one of the products of the Yandex mail service providers as Yandex still has other products such as web browser and so on.

It has 10GB free space for users and before you have access it, you must have a yandex.mail account. You can upgrade to 1TB once the free spaces finishes.

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Is Yandex Disk Secure?

According to Anton Zabannykh, Yandex’s Head of Personoalized Services, he said

if your personal computer or laptop catches virus or breaks down, your files will be safely stored in Yandex.disk

What does this tell you? Yandex disk is safe to guard your files of any size, which is not more than the space offered to you free.

Maybe, it looks like the Head of personalized Services wanted to promote their product by using the statement.

Now take a look at the following subheadings.

Security in Yande.Disk

The cloud storage has an integrated antivirus technology which scans every file you upload to the disk to ensure they are safe. If it is not safe enough, it may not upload successfully.

Data and files are transferred under secure connections. In other words, it is not porous or vulnerable to hacking.

Every file you upload which is up to 1GB will be scanned by the NOD32 antivirus program. This looks nice.

is yandex disk secure


You can’t break or lose Yandex disk.

The most interesting thing about the Yandex disk is the scanning technology. Some files are actually harmful but you can’t store or upload them in Yandex.Disk.

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How long does Yandex.Disk save a file?

There is no limitation to the length of time you save your files in Yandex cloud storage. It can stay there for as long as you want it. You are the only one who can delete it yourself.

However, once you delete your Yandex.mail account, your Yandex disk and the files will also be deleted. So, you need to back up your files by saving them to your computer or device.

A remedy when you lose the device where your Yandex.disk is installed

Firstly, you have the option of logging in with another person’s device to access your disk.

To ensure your account is safe due to the device you lost, you can revoke access which Yandex.disk apps and programs have to your files.

It is a nice security measure.

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Yandex.Disk histories – Yandex disk how secure is it?

Your Yandex.Disk history shows you the recent activities on your files. Your history has a list of all the things you or any other person has done with your account in the past few days or weeks.

You can detect malicious activities and take the necessary preventive measures.

However, it is unfortunate that Yandex doesn’t have two-factor verification for enhanced security. But, with thorough monitoring, you can detect unusual activities on your disk.

From the features above; you can see that Yandex disk is secure enough to hold all your files. Without the two-factor verification, you can still manage your account.

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Other ways to secure your files

Apart from the security measures Yandex offers the disk, you can still adopt your own ways to enhance the security.

  • Opt in for more than one cloud storage. Save your documents in other cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and so on.
  • Since yandex disk is integrated to yandex.mail, keep Yandex.mail password secure. Because once anyone has access to your yandex.mail account, he may have access to yandex disk.
  •  Don’t share your password with anyone. It is your privacy. In other words, build strong password for your account.

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The security of your Yandex cloud storage should be your major concern. Always find a secure means of securing your file. Let me remind you the answer to the question (is Yandex disk secure?) we answered in this article. Yes, Yandex disk is safe enough to guard your files.

It has enough space of 10GB free and you can upgrade with about $8 once the space is full. Apart from that, the trust it has earned from users is enough to make you know that it is safe.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any comment or contribution, drop it below.

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