Gmail vs Yahoo mail: Which one is better than the other

Have you been comparing Gmail vs yahoo mail just to know which is better than the other? Yes, you are in the right place.

It’s a good thing to always compare two products to know which is best for you.

Gmail and yahoo mail are among the widely used email services in the world today. Over the years, questions have been going on concerning which offers a better service to users.

Let me just unfold it here. The question of which is better between gmail and yahoo mail depends on so many factors. It all depends on individual choices. Everybody must not like a particular thing over another. In fact, it is impossible for everybody to like a particular thing. Therefore, the answer to the above question depends on individuals.

Furthermore, Gmail has advantage over yahoo mail in some factors. And so it is with yahoo when compared with Gmail.

In this article, we will evaluate some key factors common between the two email providers. From there, you will know which is best for you.

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Gmail vs yahoo mail: Brief introduction

Let us start with Gmail.

Gmail is an email service built, owned and managed by Google. It is one of the Google products and services.

Gmail was launched on 1st April, 2004 by the Google team but it works as a different type of inbox.

When you begin to talk about the country that has it, you can’t really tell which country that has Gmail. But we should note that the Google community built Gmail.

Let’s try getting it from the definition of Google. Google is an American multinational community. Well, let’s pause it there. Google is not for any particular country though built in America.

What about yahoo mail?

Yahoo mail is an email service launched on October 8, 1997. It is a subsidiary of Verizon Wireless. Formerly, Verizon also offered email service but as at the past few years, they moved their email users to aol and yahoo.

It was also build in America.

Looking at the ages of the two email providers, yahoo is quite older than Gmail. Despite the age, yahoo still has some advantages over Gmail and so is Gmail.

Let us get in to the full details.

Size of attachments

While sending an email on Gmail, you can attach a file of up to 25 MB. You can also attach a file more than 25 MB but you can only do that through Google drive.

In Yahoo mail, you can only attach 25 MB file in your email. Anything more than that cannot go through.

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Advertisements on a user’s account

Gmail does not place advertisements on users’ accounts. Whether you use the mobile application or you login through the web address, you won’t get ads.

Google sees this as interference to privacy of a user. It disturbs personal privacy which should never be done.

The only ad you see on your account are the ones in either social or promotion label. But yahoo has ads placed on the surface of users’ account.

gmail vs yahoo

Gmail ads in Promotion label

Whether you have a Gmail account or a G-Suite account, you still enjoy Google ad free policy

Yahoo places advertisements on users’ accounts especially when you login through the yahoo web address. Some users may not like those ads and as such may not find the page so friendly.

Advertisements lead users to a page that they may not like to visit. Maybe in the process of trying to cancel the ad, they may click on it.

Secondly, users may find it difficult to find what they want.

However, yahoo offers an ad free account which comes when a user upgrades his account. I mean, when he starts using a paid account.

gmail vs yahoo

yahoo ads

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Yahoo mail vs Gmail: Security status

Gmail uses two-step verification to secure a user’s account. The security measure allows a user to login to a new device using a verification code which is sent to his registered phone number. Without the phone number, a stranger cannot access the account. In other words, it is almost impossible for a third party to have access to your account.

Google two factor authentication

Google two factor authentication

In addition, A user receives Google security alert email on his Gmail account whenever any unusual activity goes on in the account. This will enable you check the activities and to take possible actions against it.

google security alert email

Google security alert email

On the other hand, Yahoo mail uses phishing attacks to protect users. It also makes use of “sign-in seal” to ensure a secure login to account.

Storage capacity of Gmail and yahoo mail

The storage capacity is different from the available space while sending an email. Storage allows users to store their important files such as videos, songs, documents and any other type of file in the cloud.

Gmail cloud is secure and has 15 GB free space for a new account. You can also upgrade if you want to get more space for storage.

Google storage capacity

Gmail storage capacity

Yahoo, on the other seems to have something better. It has 1 TB (terabyte) when you create account on yahoo.

yahoo mail storage

yahoo mail storage capacity

That’s quite large. Anyway, the question is, which one is secure enough to hold and guard your files against hackers and bad guys.

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Conclusion: Gmail vs Yahoo! mail

Which one better between Gmail and yahoo mail? Gmail is better than yahoo mail.

From the comparison between yahoo mail and Gmail, it is evident that Gmail is the better for a new user who needs a secure account. Though it’s younger than yahoo but it also came with new and better interface.

Yahoo mail is still one of the best. But it is already an aging king.

Just like I told you above, it depends on individual preference and evaluation. Therefore, you can still drop your opinion. Let us know what you think about this by dropping your comments below.

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