Getresponse review: pros and cons of get response email

Getresponse Review: Good and Bad Sides of Get Response Email

Have you been asking questions concerning Getresponse email? Are there things you wish to know about the email automation tool? That is the essence this article – Getresponse review. We’ll review both the good and bad sides of Get Response. Let’s get started.

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Pros of Get Response Email

  • Users’ data are secure
  • Cheap email automation pricing
  • Free email automation trial for 30 days
  • Good privacy policy and implementation

Cons of Get Response Email

  • No absolutely free email automation plan
  • Immediate cancelation of account

What is Getresponse email

Getresponse is an email service provider which provides email marketing, landing pages, e-commerce, sales funnels and webinars services under one coverage.

It provides global email service and has its offices in different parts of the world such as Poland, the U.S., Canada, Malaysia, and Russia. It is supported in about 27 languages. Get Response is trusted by over 350,000 users due to its efficiency in the email marketing world.

However, there are some areas which need improvements and especially in terms of free account and landing pages. That’s the reason for this review of Getresponse.

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Getresponse email security

Security is always one of the most important factors to consider in any online service. The question now is, what is the security status of Get Response?

Getresponse uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) during users’ registration and login to ensure the security of users’ accounts. It also combats against any form of data interception by unauthorised party.

Furthermore, the tech platform saves and backs up your data to multiple servers and disks at the same time to guarantee its safety at any level. This simply means that your data are stored in Getresponse’s  security-focused data centers in multiple locations across the world.

Your billing data, during and after payments, are protected under the state-of-art encryption. In the same way, all other sensitive data are saved on a PCI-compliant network that is regularly scanned for security by industry-leading experts.

Getresponse cost and plans

Getresponse email has four subscription plans which include:

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Professional and
  • Max

Each of them have different features that differentiate it from the other. Basic plan has basic features for your email marketing campaign. Plus plan has all the features in Basic plan and additional features for your email marketing campaign. Professional plan Has all the features in both Basic and Plus plans. While Max plan has all the features.

The higher the plan you choose, the higher the pricing. But Max plan is negotiable. In other words, it has custom pricing. That’s how it works.

Getresponse pricing starts from $15 per month if you want to pay monthly. You pay $12.30 per month if you choose to pay yearly while you start with $10.50 if you want to pay bi-annually all for 1,000 subscribers.

Getresponse allows you get up to a million subscribers on your email list. If you have upto 25, 000 subscribers, you can go for the highest Getresponse plan, Max plan. If so, then you need to request getresponse demo.

Moreso, when a user chooses to pay either yearly or biannually, he saves about %30 of the total cost.

Check out full Getresponse cost and features.

Getresponse Free 30 trial

No free account in Getresponse email!

The free trial package allows you as a new Get Response user to use Getresponse plans, even the professional plan’s features. Within this period, you can access the user friendliness and deliverability of Getresponse and to decide whether or not to continue.

In case you are not satisfied with the features of the email automation tool, you can simply cancel it before they start to charge you. Ensure you cancel the free trial on or before the 30th day from the beginning of the free trial.

Once you allow it to exceed that Day, it is assumed that you are satisfied with the service and that you have agreed with the terms and conditions of Getresponse email. Therefore, they will charge you.

In addition, you do not have to pay for any service you do not like. That is the privilege you enjoy when you use the free trial.

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Getresponse privacy policy status and implementation

Getresponse processes personal data of their customers and other platform users as a data controller.

As data processor, Getresponse allows you create an account, access services and products and also receive some marketing tips which can help you grow your business.

Once you register with the email automation platform following the necessary steps, you have the right to request their services and perform any activity on your account at anytime upon login as far as it does not run against the terms and conditions of your contract with Getresponse.

Rights of GetResponse users – Review

As a user, you have your rights on the platform. It is legally enforceable.

  • Right to withdraw your consent before implementation: 

You can always withdraw the consent you gave during account creation before it will be processed. You can always do that upon implementation. In other words, you can make changes on your account, withdrawing your previous request. You can also do this without any detriment.

However, withdrawing your consent may restrict you from accessing some services or features in Getresponse.

These are the different ways you can withdraw your consent:

    • Unsubscribe from Getresponse emails.
    • By changing your agreed cookies in your browser settings.
    • Taking actions as agreed in the contact details.
  • Right to access:

You have the right to ascertain whether or not your data has been processed. Every attention in regards to that will be given to you by Getresponse.

  • Right to rectification
  • Right to erasures:

You can apply for your data to be completely erased from Getresponse database.

  • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

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Does Getresponse release users’ data?

Yes, Getresponse releases data but not to everyone. They only release your data to the support department who helps in the processing of data on their behalf.

These data processing team helps in providing relevant information in regards to  hosting, customer support, tracking security incidents and responding to them, diagnosing and solving problems with the Service and so on. So, your personal data is not at risk.

Getresponse review: No absolutely free email automation plan

Like other email automation tools such as convertKit and MailerLite email marketing tools which have free account, Getresponse does not have such. It only has a 30 day free trial.

This is a flop on the side of Getresponse as it keeps the race with its competitors. This is where we expect much improvement if it must compete more favorably with its competitors.

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Get Response review: Immediate cancelation of account

Sometimes, a user may appear unfortunate not access his account after few days of requesting account cancellation.

Be-careful, when cancelling your account. You may be unlucky to see that your account has been cancelled the same day you requested for it to be cancelled despite your active subscription. One baffling part of it is that Getresponse pulls their policy of no refunds once you ask for refund.

Getresponse Review: Wrapping up

Is Getresponse good for my business? Yes, Getresponse can give you what you need for your email marketing campaign. It is an efficient tool for email automation.

With the low pricing, rights of customers, privacy policy and security status, a customer has it all.

If you need an absolutely free email marketing tool, then Getresponse is not the best option. There are free email marketing tools out there. You can look out for convertKit, MailerLite and Zoho mail.

View their free plan features and see what you have. Also review their pricing, features and paid plans.

Simply click any of the suggestions above to see them all. Or you can simply search them in this blog using the search box.

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Thank you for reading this review of Getresponse. I hope you have gotten enough information about the email marketing tool and you can now make a wise choice for your business.

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