Email address ideas | How to choose cool email names

It all starts from your email name. Your email address goes a long way to speak about you or your business. It requires email address ideas to choose a cool email name.

Sometimes, an email address depicts the purpose of such email account.

In my words, I say “your email name is your presence”.

Some companies or websites do have different email addresses depending on the purpose of each of the email accounts. Even as a customer, ones you see the list of the email addresses, you’ll be able to decipher the possible purpose of each of the email accounts.

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That’s the power of a good email name.

Email Address Ideas

Cool Name for Email

For instance, a company has a list of email addresses. You are looking for the company’s contact email because you have either a question or inquiry. If you come across these two emails “Complaint” and “inquiry”, what will come in to your mind concerning these two email names? The purposes of each, right?

That’s how it is even when you choose either your personal email address or business email names.

Giving you a list of millions of email names may not solve your problem because I do not know why you want to choose a particular email address. You have to carve out the best for yourself or your business.

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Therefore, I will give you tips on how to choose the best cool email name for either your personal use or business use.

Why you should choose the best email name for your business

Under this subheading, I’ll give you few factors to consider while choosing an email address.

The purpose of the email

This without any doubt is the main factor.

As a business owner, your email address should define the main use of that email address. I mean, once your customers see it, it strikes in to their minds what exactly the email address is meant for as far as your business is concerned.

More so, if you do not choose a cool or right email name for your business; you may always get your customers email in wrong mail boxes.


wrong mail box

If you choose just a random name for your email when you have several emails for several sections, your customers may not know which to use when they want to either complain or strike a business deal.

Let’s go back to the examples I gave you above concerning a company with a list of email. If you are a type that has a list of email, consider what each should be used for.

I sent an email to a Company’s Customer Care Team. Though they had multiple email addresses but I could not decipher exactly what each is meant for. Guess the reply I got. I guess you’d like to know. Well, I just got a reply that you don’t send emails of that type to that particular email address.

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Maybe the name was not clear enough to me to understand. If they had used a name, telling what that email is meant for, then, I won’t have sent a mail to a wrong address.

Make your audience the paramount

This in a way relates to the idea I shared with you in the above subheading. However, there’s a slight difference.

Your email name tells your customers what comes in to their mail boxes. It will always tell them that “your company sends a message”.

Let’s get it clear here; if your company or business has multiple sections, like the inquiry, complaint, and business management and so on, you should consider getting different email addresses for each so that your customers will know which to follow or send an email to.

Secondly, apart from the customers you already have, if you send a prospective customer a mail, the first place his goes is the name of the sender. That is the email address. If the email address does not show anything meaningful, they will simply ignore it.

How to choose a cool name for email – Email Address ideas

Follow these email address ideas to choose one for business.

Start with your business name

Add your business name to the email address. Don’t just choose a random name for it.

Now, look at the name Email Address. It means the location or point where an email is coming from. So, including your business name to your email address simply tell your customer that the email in their inboxes come from your company.

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Make use of domain name

If your business is online, consider using your custom domain name. Let’s see this “Example”. Replace “Example” with the purpose of the email address. That will make a cool name for your email.

email domain

use email domain

It is always advisable you use a custom domain instead of making use of the Gmail, yahoo or any other email domain. It looks mature.

Make your email name personal

This comes to play when you have a personal business where you interact with customers one on one. You can just add it this way “Charles”. It will make your customers and prospective ones to know that they’re actually relating with a real person not an abstract.

In addition, bring your customers down to earth. Don’t make them feel you are being over serious. If possible, establish personal relationship with them. It will promote your business and draw more traffic to your website.

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Keep your email address short.

This is one of the mistakes some business owners make. They make their email names difficult to remember.

Don’t make it hard for people to reach you because of the abstract email name you used. Don’t choose a long email name. If your business name is long, try to use homely abbreviations in your email name related to your business.

Last Words

A good email address ideas will enable you choose the best cool email name for your business. Represent your company well by using suitable email name for it.

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