effective communication in the work place

Effective email communication in the workplace – Use these skills

For you to effectively relate with your clients or customers in your workplace over the email, there is one main factor you must possess. That is, the skill of effective email communication in the workplace.

These skills are very simple. They involve following the email etiquette rules while writing an email.

Millions of emails get from businesses to customers each day. But emails with poor composure, may not stay for the next 137 seconds after arrival in the customer’s inbox.

In this era, email marketing has taken the strategy for getting more clients or customers to your office or rather, workplace.

Your workplace could be your office, your business place, in fact any place where you stay in order to earn and maintain good standard of living is your workplace.

effective communication in the work place

However, there are some businesses which cannot do without reaching both far and near customers or clients.

Even as a customer care representative, your major medium of communication is the email.

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Well, social media works, but one mature way to reach your customers since you may not personally know them on social media is the email.

On social media, there are the ones to reach you before you can identify them, but in email, they sign up for newsletters and you reach them through that means.

Again, you must have a good communication skill before you can manage hundreds, thousands or millions, or, even billions of clients in your workplace.

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How to communicate effectively over emails at work place

In this article, I will share with you, relevant skills to communicate effectively over the email in your workplace.

The relevance of the email

This is one of the issues we should consider. As a business owner who wants to reach his client, decide on the most relevant means of communication. Ask yourself, is it best to send him an email at this point or should I use another means of communication?

It is true email communication is important. But, it is not always necessary to reach a client through email. You can adopt either a phone call or face-to-face meeting with him.

Compose and send emails when they best suit the situation and not when you want.

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Build a good subject line

Here it is again. Your subject line is your projector, in fact, your presenter. It gives the first information and every possibility that a client will open an email lies here.

A good subject line is one of the best elements of an email especially one that goes outside your workplace.

Now this is how to get a good subject line.

  • Think of exactly what you want to write about.
  • Think of a catchy statement that best describes what you want to send. Take this example.

Reschedule of the NBS general board meeting” speaks better of an email than when you simply say “Reschedule”. That doesn’t make sense you know.

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Maintain precision in the body – how to write better emails

It is important to be specific in anything you want to say. Don’t beat around the bush while trying to say a particular thing. Always hit the nail on the head.

In other words, don’t just wing your outgoing mails. Learn how to send a good email support to either your clients on customers.

Ensure you keep your email short. Once a person opens a mail and sees it is a long one, he gets tired even, to read it. Well, you may say some like to read but it’s not in emails. Email is meant to be as short as possible as long as it has the necessary information in it.

Always keep short sentences and short paragraphs. Make it very easy to read. Just like this article you are reading, it has short sentences and paragraphs.

The body is the main message and you have to embed it with all the necessary things you want to say.

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Be prompt to reply

This is another effective email communication skill in the workplace. Be quick to reply mails. Don’t keep clients waiting for your email or response.

Don’t make them think you are still studying their email.

I always recommend that one should set up an auto reply when it comes to this so that your clients will get prompt feedback. It is true that the auto reply may not be exactly what you want to send. But it makes the client understand that he’s dealing with a real human being, not a sort of robot.

Work on your email language for effective communication

Your language should be correct. Whether you use English or any other language, it should be correct. Check your spellings and grammar. Ensure you have good composure because it enhances a reader’s understanding.

It doesn’t end there. Make use of simple English. Don’t use robust or big words which may be a little hard for the recipients to understand.

Work on your tone

This is another important effective email communication skill in the workplace. Your tone matters. It could be either friendly or harsh.

Anyway, you already know that you cannot communicate effectively over email if you lose your friendly tone skill.

Clients or customers could be harsh sometimes, but you have to display your expertise skills. Don’t allow their emotions to decide yours.

In your email, be as friendly as possible.


Your communication skill is your power. Your email is your messenger. Make the best out of these two factors.

A business without a good knowledge on how to write a better email to customers may end up losing most or all its customers. The communication in your workplace is important and has a lot to offer you. Therefore, don’t joke with it.

Thanks for reading this article. I believe it was helpful. If you have any comment or contribution kindly drop it in the comment box below.

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