Yandex browser free download | How to install Yandex safe browser

Yandex browser is one of the products of Yandex.mail. It is an integration of the Yandex services and products which enables users to make fast and secure searches.

Just like other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and so on, the browser in question can also be used the same way.

However, the kind of browser you download depends on the version of your device. In other words, there are different versions for each device kind of device.

For instance, you cannot use the same web browser in both your iPhone and android. In the same way, you can’t use the same version of browser for windows 7,8,10, Linux and so on. You download according to the accepted version of your device.

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What to know about Yandex browsing tool

Yandex browsing machine is a part of the Yandex email service. They offer free browser for users. Once you have a Yandex email account, you can access it from there. In fact, anybody can download and install the free browser on his or her device.

There won’t be any demand for you to upgrade to premium version at anytime as it is totally free. The only upgrading to make is the version. You may need to upgrade the version to the latest version compatible with your device.

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How to download yandex free browser through email account

  • Firstly, login to your Yandex email account.
  • Click “more” located at the top level of your screen.

yandex browser

  • Select “browser”. It will lead you to where you will install it in your computer. It will automatically install the compatible version.

download yandex browser

If you are using a desktop, then you need to go further.

  • Locate the APK file you just downloaded in your desktop. It may be in your download folder. Click on it and follow the prompts on your screen to install it.

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How to install yandex browsing tool in mobile device

If you are using an android, simply follow the same step above or you click here to download from Google play store.

yandex browser with protect

If you are using apple device, simply move to app store, search the browser and download yours at once. Once you are done downloading it, simply open the browser, set it up and start using it.

Is yandex browser safe?

Yes it is safe. It employs diverse measures to ensure it provides the safest browsing tool for you and your device. There are in-built security technologies for maximum browsing security.

In other words, the DNS spoofing protection scans websites and files for virus detection. On the other hand, the DNSCrypt provides additional protection against hackers and malicious files.

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Yandex browsing machine security

It is almost impossible that this software program has any virus. It is clean enough for your device.

According to Softonic, they have scanned the file and also the URLs associated with the browser in more than 50 of the world’s leading antivirus services; no possible threat was detected.

However, the software is potentially malicious. You should equip your device with the best antivirus software to ensure its safety.

Always update the application. Don’t use an outdated version for so long because the yandex security may not support it for long once it’s outdated.

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The Yandex browser is free for everybody. It is a product designed to serve the whole world. All you need is to download it.

The download or installation of the browser is not hard. It is easy. Just follow the guide above to get yours.

Finally, drop your comments below if you have any, or you feel there is any way we can modify this article.

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