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Protonmail Alternatives: Best Alternative to Proton Mail

Have you been asking yourself “What is the next best alternative to Protonmail?”

Maybe you don’t feel like using the Protonmail email service and you are looking for the best alternative, don’t worry, you are in the right place.

Well, let’s not rush to the answer now.

Or, let me just uncover it here.

What is the best alternative to Protonmail?

protonmail alternatives

The best alternative to Protonmail is arguably Tutanota email.

Wow, that’s sounds great. But, wait; why should Tutanota be the best alternative, arguably?

We’ll see the reasons behind this in the course of this article.

However, there are so many email providers who could possibly be among the best alternatives but, Tutanota just has it differently.

Why is Tutanota the best alternative to Protonmail?

Protonmail goes with privacy and security. In the same way, Tutanota also goes with privacy and security.

Protonmail is one of the world’s most secure email guarded under the Swiss Strict law of privacy. Tutanota email is, in fact, the most secure email guarded under the German law of privacy.

Let me just say, in terms of privacy, you choose Protonmail. But in terms of security, Tutanota has it all.

It’s without doubt that Germany is one of the countries that has the most strict laws guiding internet security and privacy.

Protonmail provides end-to-end encryption to user’s email and so does Tutanota. In addition to that, Tutanota gives end-to-end encryption to subject lines of emails.

The two giants have free and paid accounts. The the most interesting part is that you have maximum security to your account despite of the kind of account you use.

Now, let me just talk about the privacy a bit. Apart from being under the strict Swiss or German privacy laws, the two have privacy enabling technique by default.

For instance, a user does not need his personal information to sign up to Protonmail. In the same vein, a user does not need his personal information to create Tutanota email account.

In other words, you can create a free anonymous email account in both Protonmail and Tutanota.

By default, they don’t store users’ data in their database.

Furthermore, user friendly interface is another feature in both Protonmail and Tutanota email accounts. The folders and other email tools are arranged sequentially such that users don’t have to look for it before they use it.

What are other alternatives to Protonmail?

Just like I told you before, there are other alternatives to Protonmail. It has large options for you.



Gmail is a Google product with millions of users across the world.

The fact that it is a Google product gives it the credit that it is a good email. Over the years, it has earned much trust from users all over the world.

It has maximum privacy and security even in the free account.

Google protects users’ accounts to ensure that no one hacks it. It also secures emails transmitted online with the TSL encryption to ensure that no hacker intercepts it.

Gmail has integration of other Google products especially when you login with your computer. You can access other Google products by just clicking the nine dots located at the top right of the screen forming a square.

You can access products like Google Play Store, Google Drive, Google docs, Contacts, Calendar and so on.

The storage capacity is large enough for storage. It has a 15 GB free space.

Just like Protonmail, it supports custom domain. That is, a user can create a custom domain with Gmail. Then, it is called G-suit.

See Gmail review to know why Gmail is one of the best alternatives to Protonmail.

Yahoo mail

yahoo mail

This an old king but still strong. Though it is not efficient enough when compared with Gmail and Tutanota. But it still has the good qualities there.

It has good user interface. But the only problem is that it has ads placed on your account. However, that occurs when you use a free account. But I feel that disturbs users’ privacy. So, to stop seeing ads, you need to upgrade to a paid account.

One thing I like about it is that it’s tools are not much. It is just very simple to use.

The space is one of the biggest an email user can have. It has 1TB free space for every new account.

Also see Yahoo mail review for more information.

Yandex mail

This is another wonderful email provider located in Russia.

In the past years, it only worked well for those in Russia. As time kept unfolding, it was upgraded to a worldwide email service and it now works well for everyone.

It allows custom domain just like Protonmail.

It has no ad in user’s account. The privacy of users is a priority.

Yandex mail has an email filtering technique which filters spam, phishing and other harmful emails to the spam folder.

However, in the process of filtering those emails, it may also filter your important email. The most unfortunate part is that it automatically deletes those spam messages after some days.

So, it simply means that if you don’t get to see those important emails in your spam folders on time, you will lose them.

See also the Yandex mail review to get more information on this.

AOL mail

This another superb Protonmail alternative.

It is a subsidiary of Verizon wireless. Verizon wireless used to offer email service to users but in the past few years, they stopped. They now have their email service at AOL. What it simply means is that former Verizon email users can now access Verizon email via AOL.

AOL supports custom domain just like Protonmail. It also has both free and paid account plans.

Friendly user interface is there.

Zoho mail

Zoho is an email hosting company. It hosts custom domains for users.

It has free and paid plans.

One thing I like about Zoho email over Protonmail is that a user can set up a custom domain in a free Zoho email account. In Protonmail, it doesn’t go like that. You must upgrade to either Plus, Professional or Visionary plan in order to set up a custom domain.

You can also see Protonmail pricing to see how much it will cost you to upgrade to any of these Protonmail plans.


The alternatives of Protonmail are just the next choice you can go for at the expense of Protonmail.

All of them support custom email domains for your businesses. Not just that, you can use it personally.

Hope you have now seen the best alternatives to Protonmail and you now know which one to go for.

Finally, I wish to see your questions or contribution in the comment box below.

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