How Much Does Aweber Email Automation Software Cost?

Aweber, like other email automation software, has its own cost. A user or an intending user can get different plans at different prices. In this article, I will show you the full price list, plans and alternatives to Aweber email tool. I will also compare the features of the different plans.

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Overview of Aweber Email marketing Tool

Aweber’s headquarter is located in Chalfont, PA. The email software marketing provider helps over 100,000 businesses, entrepreneurs and even nonprofits increase sales and profits through its suite of web-based email marketing and automation tools.

Aweber has two plans which include the following:

  • Pro account
  • Free account

The prices of the plans depend on three main factors which are

  • The number of subscribers you want or have,
  • The billing duration and
  • Features of the plan you want.

Furthermore, a user can decide to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. But remember, the longer the duration you choose, the lower the amount you pay in 12 months. You can save 14.9% on Aweber annual plans.

Let me explain it better here. If you choose to pay a monthly, you pay $19  per month and in 12 months, you pay $19 x 12 months = $228. Now, when you pay annually, you pay $16.15 per month and in 12 months, you pay $16.15 x 12 months = $193.8. Which one is higher than the other. That is how Aweber pricing and plans work.

The lowest number of subscribers in Aweber is 500 subscribers. We’ll see more details about this as we proceed. Let’s get started.

Aweber Free plan – Cost

Maybe you have been looking for a free email automation tool. Here is one of them. Aweber free plan does not demand a user to pay any money before he uses it. It has everything you need to grow your business with email marketing. However, it has limitations in its features.

The free plan allows you have up to 500 contacts and also send up to 3,000 emails in a month. It only has one list profile. The Aweber free plan also has the Aweber label even as you use it. This simply means that the Aweber branding will still be in your account and you won’t be able to remove it, not until you upgrade to a paid plan.

In summary, the free plan has all it takes to send your emails without any cost and it is a powerful tool for your email marketing. You can create free Aweber email marketing account.

In the comparison of the features of Aweber free and paid plans below, you will see the full features. Let’s keep going.

Aweber Pro Plan – Cost

This is the only paid plan in Aweber email tool. With this plan, you have all the email automation features in Aweber. It comes with unlimited features.

It has the minimum of 500 contacts and maximum 25,000 subscriber. If you have more than 25,000 subscribers, then you need to contact Aweber for negotiation or you can call them at 1-877-293-2371. When you contact them, you can choose more than 300,000 subscribers if you want. In fact, the number of subscribers is unlimited.

aweber custom pricing

In the same way, you have unlimited number of emails to send in each month and the list profiles is also unlimited. Let’s look at the full Aweber pricing.

Aweber Pricing and plans – Cost

The table below shows the market prices of Aweber email marketing tool

Aweber Plans Number of subscribers Number of emails Cost per month Quarterly cost cost per year
Pro 500 Unlimited $19 $49 $193.80
501-2,500 Unlimited $29 $79 $313.80
2,501-5,000 Unlimited $49 $139 $553.80
5,001-10,000 Unlimited $69 $199 $793.80
10,001-25,000 Unlimited $149 $439 $1,753.80
More than 25,000 Unlimited Contacts Aweber
Free 500 300 Free Free Free

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aweber pricing and cost

The cost of Aweber email marketing tool

Comparison of Aweber Free plan and Pro plan

Now that you have seen the Aweber different plans and their costs, let’s now compare the features of both the Free and Pro plans.

Aweber Features Free plan Pro plan
Subscribers 500 Unlimited
Email send 300 Unlimited
List profiles 1 Unlimited
Create and send newsletters
Email automation
RSS to email
Drag-and-drop email builder
100s of email templates
HTML emails
Dynamic content
AMP emails
Hosted broadcast archive
Thousands of professional images
Email Split testing
Behavioral automation
Branded click-tracking links
Remove AWeber branding
Unlimited landing pages
Beautiful landing page templates for a variety of goals
Thousands of professional images
Video landing pages
Google analytics and Facebook pixel tracking
Custom Domains
Remove AWeber branding
Sign up forms
WordPress plugin
Sign up form split testing
Tagging subscribers
Send to basic segments
Save and send to custom segments
Simple subscriber and message analytics
Advanced message analytics
Advanced audience/account analytics
Webpage tracking
Ecommerce Solution Integration
Sales tracking
Cart abandonment / Purchase tagging
Unlimited users
Collect subscribers Coming soon
Send messages Coming soon
Analytics Coming soon
Free Migration
24/7 Live Support – Phone / Email / Chat

What are the alternatives to Aweber Email Marketing Tool?

There are so many good alternatives to AWeber email marketing software. In each of the alternatives, you will see the plans, costs and comparison of features.

Get Response

Get response is a powerful email marketing tool which has simplified tool to send emails,
create pages, and automate your marketing. See Get response pricing to learn more about Get Response email marketing cost, plans and features.

Zoho Mail

This is an email tool built with the purpose of business. One thing I like about Zoho mail is that it allows you add domain for free. But, if you want to get your business to a higher using the Zoho mail email automation features, you need to use a paid account. You can see how much zoho mail costs.


ConvertKit has powerful email automation features even in the free plan. But the paid plan can do better for your business. See also ConvertKit pricing to know how much it will take you to upgrade to a paid account.

Mailer Lite

Mailerlite is another powerful email automation software with lower cost that Aweber. It also has a free plan like Aweber does but more features are there in the premium plan. See Mailer Lite pricing for more information on the cost, plans and features.


One of the best email automation tools is ActiveCampaign. It does not have a free plan like Aweber, ConvertKit, Zoho mail and MailerLite. It only offers free trial. Check out Active Campaign Pricing for more information on the cost, plans and features of Active Campaign email markeing tool

Constant Contact email marketing software

Constant Contact also has good features for your business. But the truth is that the paid plans of all these alternatives including Constant Contact do better than the free plans. Therefore, check out Constant Contact pricing and see the plans, costs and features.

Wrapping Up: AWeber Email marketing Pricing

To get the best out of Aweber, you need to go for the Pro plan because that is where you get all the features you need. Not only that, since you keep expecting new subscribers to your business newsletters, the Aweber Pro plan is the best.

Finally, if you cannot afford the cost of Aweber email marketing tool, or you do not like the features, you can check out those alternatives I gave you above. You can also search this blog for more Aweber email marketing and pricing alternatives.

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