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Gmail Alternative: The best email alternatives to Gmail

Do you want to leave Gmail for one reason or the other which you don’t like? Yes, that’s a good idea. But you need the best Gmail Alternative not just anyhow email alternative.

best email alternatives to gmail


On the other hand, the Google product has earned much trust and users all over the world but it still has some leaks. That is why an email user should have alternatives.

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Why you should look for Alternative email to Gmail

In summery, Gmail leaks users privacy. That is majorly the problem.

In 2017, Google scanned and leaked users’ data for targeted ads. These data got to third parties.

Imagine that you have a confidential file and eventually, it gets exposed. What do you do? How exactly will you feel.

Unlike what is obtainable in Google privacy policy, it still scans and reads users email. In other words, Google bots scans through customers emails in the name of checking for spam, phishing and other harmful emails.

Furthermore, Gmail grants third party access. There are some apps or accounts you may want to login with your Google account and the app would want to access your Google account. Some Google users blindly grant such permission not knowing the implication. Google has stated that they thoroughly review each request before they authenticate such permission and that any misrepresentation by the app is blocked.

Anyway, some users may say, “I’ve granted permission to my Google account to hundreds of apps but it has not been hacked. You are right, but at least, they have access to your emails even the sensitive ones.

User’s emails and data are porous to other app crawlers.

In another development, Gmail moves important emails to spam folder in the process of scanning for spam, phishing and other harmful emails. It may also move some to either promotion or social folders. A user may clear these messages thinking there are not important without knowing that an important email from office is there.

There is nothing as important as privacy. It ensures safety or security. Therefore, there is need for Gmail alternatives.

I have reviewed some email services which will help you fill up the gaps which the Google mail could not fill.

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What are the best alternatives to Gmail?

Let’s look at alternative email to Google mail.


This is an email service provider which has its infrastructure and server in Switzerland. It is almost the best email provider.

By default, Protonmail does not need the personal details of any individual to set up an account. In other words, it allows free anonymous Protonmail account.

gmail alternative

It does not also require the collective or sensitive data of a company or organisation. It is just synonymous just like the name implies.

Why does Protonmail go without the personal information of an individual or the collective information of a company or organisation? The answer is very simple. They want to respect and safeguard the privacy of individuals and corporate bodies.

Furthermore, Protonmail database does not store users’ IP addresses. The IP address of a user shows the device which was used to post to the internet. Some database save such information but Protonmail does not. It is automatically deleted so that such data doesn’t leak to any technical personnel.

In another development, Protonmail allows a user to fully integrate Protonmail account with most clients that support IMAP and SMTP protocols, with official support for Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail. A great feature, right?

Most interestingly, Protonmail has a feature which does not allow the Protonmail bot or any of the members of Protonmail service providers to read your email. A third party cannot access your email.

Their bots too cannot read your emails. It may detect spam or harmful messages and remove that from the inbox. The Protonmail privacy is as authentic as that. Well, let’s not dwell here.

See Protonmail review to learn more about Protonmail and why it is a better gmail alternative.

Gmail Alternative: Tutanota

Tutanota is debatably the best email provider.

It is a German product and has all its infrastructure and database in Germany. The security status of Tutanota is higher than that of Gmail.

It has end-to-end encryption in all user’s emails. It also has it in the subject lines.

best secure email

In Tutanota, everything is encrypted even in free account. But in Gmail, you need to upgrade before you get the maximum email encryption. However, Gmail uses the TSL standard of encryption to safeguard user’s emails.

Furthermore, Tutanota does not support IMAP/Pop3 because emails retrieved via IMAP/POP3 would be stored unencrypted on your device. What Tutanota does in this situation is that it offers dedicated and open source desktop clients for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This is exactly the reason I said that Tutanota is possibly the best email providers.

Also see Tutanota review to learn why it is possibly the best email provider.

Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is another interesting email provider which could be used as an alternative to Gmail. It has it infrastructure and database in Chennai, Tamil NaduIndia. Though it now has offices around the world.

Zoho mail is mainly for businesses but it still has option for personal email address. It offers security to email users. supports IMAP / SMTP. This simply means that a user can check his email and send messages using other email clients like Outlook Express, Mailspring, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird. In other words, Zoho mail allows you to configure on any standard IMAP email client using the IMAP and SMTP Server Settings.

Zoho mail allows custom domain even in free account. All you need to do is to buy a new domain and add to it. You can use an already existing domain if you already have one. Check out the pricing and plans.

In Gmail, you must upgrade to G-suit before you have access to custom domain. In fact, that is when you have access the to additional but relevant features of Gmail. Zoho is just the best for business and one of the best alternatives to Gmail.

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Yahoo! Mail: Best Email Alternatives to Gmail

This an American email. I call it the old king. It is the best email for a person who does not want an email with much features. It is very simple to set up and use.

One may say that Yahoo mail is not in anyway a good alternative. Some think it is that bad due to some shortcomings which it has.

It is not as bad as you think. Yahoo mail is still one of the best Gmail alternatives one can go for.

In terms of security, it supports two factor authentication. Email encryption is fully supported.

Yahoo mail is 100% encrypted by default and protected with 2,048 bit certificates whether you use the IMAP, POP or SMTP. It goes with the TSL standard of encryption.

Let’s move to the storage capacity of Yahoo mail. It has a whopping 1TB for every free account. To learn more about Yahoo mail, see Yahoo mail review.

AOL Mail

This another interesting alternative. It is a subsidiary of Verizon wireless.

It provides maximum security for users by allowing users to enable two factor authentication. If you set up an account using the third party app, AOL will allow you use two factor authentication to make it impossible for third parties to sign in to your account using the third party app.

While sending an email, it allows you send an email with the maximum capacity of 25MB. AOL is among the best Gmail alternatives.

What is the best email alternative to Gmail?

The best alternative is Tutanota email. It has all it takes to be the best. It has the security and privacy capacity.


Gmail alternatives refer to the possible options you can go for if Gmail is not there. They are options which are there to fill in the flops of Gmail.

Before you choose an alternative, evaluate exactly what you want the email for. That is the best way to choose the best email alternative.

Finally, if you have any question or contribution, do well to drop your comment below.

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