How much does ActiveCampaign Marketing Tool Cost?

activecampaign pricing

Have you been asking yourself “what is really the cost of Active Campaign?“. Or, do you want to know the current pricing of the marketing tool? You do not need to worry any more because you are in the right place. We shall look at Active Campaign plans at different market prices.

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Brief Opening to Active Campaign Cost

ActiveCampiagn Marketing has tool has it own pricing which users must pay before they make use of it. Though the prices depend on some factors such as the number of subscribers you have and the type of plan you want.

Now, this is how the pricing works. ActiveCampaign has four different types of accounts. They include the following:

  • Lite
  • Plus
  • Professional and
  • Enterprise.

Each of these plans has different prices depending on the number of subscribers a user selects under each of them. At a stage, some of them will become negotiable. That is, some of them do not have a fixed price attached to them when you choose a particular number of contacts. You need to contact the Active Campaign team for price request. I will show you show to make a price request as we go on.

Furthermore, the higher the plan the more features you gain and the more money you pay. The Lite plan is the least plan in Active Campaign while Enterprise is the highest plan.

For instance, you can select up to 10,000 contacts in both Lite and Enterprise plans but you pay $125 in Lite and $399 in Enterprise. Why is it so? Because Enterprise plan is more superior to Lite.

It is also important for you to be aware of the payment method. You can pay monthly or yearly. If you choose monthly, you pay higher but if you select annual method (yearly) you pay lower.

The prices in this article will show you how much you will pay in a month if you choose to pay monthly. It will also show you how much you will pay each month if you choose to pay yearly.

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ActiveCampaign Pricing and plans

Plans Number of Contacts Cost per month($) Cost per month/yearly($)
Lite 500 $15 $9
1,000 $29 $25
2,500 $55 $45
5,000 $99 $79
10,000 $155 $125
25,000 $259 $205
50,000 $345 $275
75,000 $425 $340
100,000 $505 $405
More than 100,000 Negotiable Negotiable
Plus 500 $70 $49
1,000 $70 $49
2,500 $125 $99
5,000 $169 $135
10,000 $249 $199
25,000 $399 $319
50,000 Negotiable Negotiable
75,000 Negotiable Negotiable
100,000 Negotiable Negotiable
More than 100,000 Negotiable Negotiable
Professional 500 $159 $129
1,000 $159 $129
2,500 $159 $129
5,000 $239 $199
10,000 $379 $349
25,000 $599 $479
50,000 Negotiable Negotiable
75,000 Negotiable Negotiable
100,000 Negotiable Negotiable
More than 100,000 Negotiable Negotiable
Enterprise 500 $279 $229
1,000 $279 $229
2,500 $279 $229
5,000 $449 $359
10,000 $499 $399
25,000 Negotiable Negotiable
50,000 Negotiable Negotiable
75,000 Negotiable Negotiable
More than 100,000 Negotiable Negotiable

The prices under the “Cost per month/yearly” column in the table above shows the Active Campaign cost per month if you choose to pay yearly.

What about ActiveCampaign free plan?

ActiveCampaign does not have any free plan. What they have is 14 days free trial. After the 14 days, the free trial will expire. Then, the user would have to pay. But if he does not want to pay, he can quit absolutely.

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How to request Active Campaign Pricing when it is negotiable

  • Firstly, visit the Active Campaign price request page.
  • Enter you name, Company name, Email address and Phone number.
activecampaign price request

activecampaign price request page

  • State your area of interest as any of the following:
    • Email Marketing
    • Marketing Automation
    • CRM and Sales Automation
  • Select how may contacts you have.
  • State what you are looking to accomplish with the email marketing automation.
  • Finally, tap the “Submit” button.

activecampaign request pricing

Comparison of ActiveCampaign features

ActiveCampiagn Features Lite  Plus Professional Enterprise
Unlimited sending
Email Marketing
Send Newsletters
Subscription Forms
Marketing Automation
Chat & Email Support
Up to 3 Users
Everything from Lite
CRM with Sales Automation
Landing Pages
Facebook Custom Audiences
Lead & Contact Scoring
SMS Marketing
Dynamic Content
Custom User Permissions
Up to 25 Users
Everything from Plus
Predictive Sending with Machine Learning
Predictive Content with Machine Learning
Customer Attribution & Path to Purchase
Conversion Attribution Reporting
Split Automations
Site Messaging
In-Depth Onboarding Consultation
Automation Strategy Consultation
3 One-on-one Training Sessions per Month
Up to 50 Users
Everything from Pro
Custom Reporting (Beta)
Custom Mailserver Domain

Which ActiveCampaign plan should I go for?

The best Active Campaign plan to go for is the Enterprise plan because it has all and the basic features for efficient email marketing. It is the most expensive among all the plans and has all it takes to be the best plan among them. You do not need to select a plan that will not give you the best.

More so, it has two strong features ahead of the Professional plan. It has Custom Reporting (Beta) and Custom Mailserver Domain.

To a very large extent, one can also choose the Professional plan as the best plan because it is the most popular. Users have seen that it is efficient for marketing. Apart from the “Most Popular” tag, it is less expensive than the Enterprise plan.

On the other hand, if your business can not meet the cost of either Active Campaign Professional or Enterprise plan, it is better you go for a lower plan. You can choose either Lite or Plus Plan. All of them are good for business but the difference is that you have more features in the higher plans.

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Is Active Campaign Expensive?

Yes, Activecampaign pricing is expensive. It is quite high when compared to other email marketing tools.

Active Campaign does not have any free plan for business that may not afford a paid plan. While email automation tools like MailerLite, Zoho Mail and ConvertKit have free plans.

The lowest number of contacts you pay for in ActiveCampaign is not even up to the number of contacts you get in free plans under the marketing tools above. The lowest number of contacts in ActiveCampaign paid plan is 500. It has no free plan.

In free ConvertKit marketing tool the lowest number of contacts is 1,000. The lowest number of contacts you get in MailerLite free plan is 1,000. Also, the price for 10,000 contacts in mailerLite pricing is $50 while the activecampaign pricing for the same number of contacts is higher in all the plans.

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Furthermore, Getresponse Marketing tool does not have any free plan but they have up to thirty days free trial for users. ActiveCampaign has only a 14-day free trial.

Drawing from the comparisons above, we see that ActiveCampaign pricing is costly.


ActiveCampaign is a nice marketing tool which can help you build your email list and also reach your contacts qualitatively.

The Pricing of ActiveCampaign may change at any time. This page will keep you updated on any change in price.

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