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About Us

This website was built late 2020 with the mission to give Complete Guide on how to create and manage Email accounts. We don’t give such guide on Google mail accounts only but also on other email accounts hosted in other email domains.

We saw that Email marketing is taking over the internet market so we came up with the idea to give you better tips on how to manage your account and get the maximum satisfaction especially when communicating your customers. On the other hand, your customers will also get maximum satisfaction.

We are neither affiliated nor sponsored by Google in any way.

How it all started

Late 2019, Victor wrote several posts for a partner for some months on how to login and access email accounts. He got to know that there are many questions that people ask concerning their email accounts. He sought a way to answer some of the questions; he came up with the idea to build his own blog,

We don’t just answer already existing questions but also raise possible questions and answer it as well.

What we do

Using the categories on our website, we offer complete Email account Guide – to help you set up your account to the best condition you want it to be.

We offer tips on how to login to your email accounts safely.

We offer you guidelines on how to reach the support team of any email domain you have and complain to them once you begin to experience one difficulty or the other in your account.

We give guide on how to create email accounts on different email platforms.

Email Account Guide also gives you tips on how to manage your email account.

What we won’t do – Believe it or not

We won’t encourage or leave any misleading information.

The writers on this website won’t give any information which they’re not sure of.

They won’t leave you on the way while giving you guidelines on how to do a particular thing on your email account. That is, we’ll wont cease to give you a complete guide.

It is important to say, as we do the necessary to make sure we keep up with the public policies, users of this website should keep theirs as stipulated in our privacy policy page.

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